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June 17, 2020


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This is where Bob Packwood founded the Dorchester Conference in 1965 to fight the rightward trend in the GOP. Invitations to the event stated explicitly that “Far right-wingers will be deliberately excluded.” Of course, "|Far right-wingers" would be considered left of center today as the far-right have all become Nazis.

Nonetheless, the political right started to make advances on the annual conference in the late 90s and attendance -- which had been as high as 1000 persons -- started to dwindle. In 2017, the conference was moved to the Oregon State Fairgrounds -- a much cheaper site the organizers believed would attract people who didn't want to go to the North Oregon Coast.

The Salem location was a disaster, so in 2019 the conference was moved to the Mount Hood Resort in Welches. It was scheduled there in late April this year but was canceled.

Ill take two weeks in a connecting room, my sister and I need a holiday away from Portland..we can share a connecting bath, 7,00 a day is grand!

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