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June 12, 2020


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phil who?


ahh thats mr. stump never paid much attention to him, or nike.

When I was in high school I could run fast and jump far.

After I graduated I decided to go to U of O because I liked the school colors better than OSU's.

During the summer before enrolling I got a hand-written postcard signed by Bill Bowerman inviting me to join his introductory PE class called "Decathlon" which amounted to a sort of free-agency tryout for his soon to be legendary U of O track teams.

This was years before Uncle Phil was there, and there were no waffles yet.

I was flattered.

But, once the class convened at Hayward Field I found myself surrounded by all kinds of talented athletes who could run faster and jump further than I could ever hope.

One term of that class was enough for me, plus, I could never seem to get the hang of the pole vault which was required.

This picture of Bowerman, Phil, Mark Robbins, Dick Miller and Roger Stout. Behind Bowerman may be Jim Grelle. Taken on Howe Field (now Jane Sanders), where the Baseball team played. In the background is MacCourt.

john, maybe you should pay attention to Mr. Stump, hes much wiser, and full of good information, than you.And even though I refuse to buy Nike items, it is an Oregon company, from day 1. and they do much for the state. What do you do?

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