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June 28, 2020


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yep loved the hospitaility room after a brewery tour!

I always hated the foul smell when we drove past Blitz. Maybe that explains why I hate beer. Horrible crap.

Now, I used to love to eat and smell the juniper berries on the neighbor's hedge. Today, a good gin is always welcome. What's that tell you?

However, I do love potatoes but can't stand vodka. So, maybe nothing. Who knows?

Beer is vile. I never could stand Blitz, Oly, Heidelberg, though as a younger idiot, I drank quite a bit of beer. Never those brands. Did drink Blitz Bavarian Dark, though.. Now my tastes run to Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack, Bailey's, Frangelico, and the like. Sipping, not get drunk and be stupid. Joel, I think it says youre much more refined than beer.

drank heidelberg for nearly 40 years! i will say i do like some of todays ipa's though

john, 40 yr heidelberg... explains much.

no jan they dont make it anymore.

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