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June 05, 2020


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David Jones was, at least at that time, here on a green card, not a permanent resident. I didnt know green card holders were eligible for the draft. He would have been eligible in England, his native land, should there have been such a need, but he was also 5'3".. soldier height???

According to military regs Mr. Jones had three inches more than the necessary height required to be in the U S Army.

JannM There has not been a draft in decades but a Green Card holder is considered a permanent resident and must register with the Selective Service System if male and born after 12/31/1959. In addition male undocumented immigrants and dual nationals, and of course US citizens must register.

Jann, when I was in the Army we had a kid in basic who may have been five feet tall. He was pretty darn good on the rifle range, but the rest of basic he had trouble with.

When we did bivouac, where you go camping for three nights and have to carry a 70-pound tanker's roll on your back while marching through the brush for seven or eight miles in a day, he could barely stand with the huge roll hanging from his shoulders. Somehow he made it.

His sticktoitiveness may have resulted from the fact he took an initial six-year burst with the guaranteed school of infantry.

David, the youngest Monkee, was born 30 Dec, 45, and in the 60s, please recall, there was a draft. But the information you stated, Joe, I did not know, so thank you. And by the way, I hope all Stumpy readers say a prayer of thanks to all who fought for us in WWII, in particular those who didnt get to return home. Today is D Day, 73d anniversary.. dad was original 8th AF, Army Air Corps, one uncle fought at the Battle of the Bulge.. Bless the Greatest Generation...

JannM D-Day was 76 years ago today June 6, 1944.

OOPs... I was going by what I thought I heard , 73.. history was/is not my strong point..Thanks, DG..if dad were still here, Id have known.. US Army Air Corps, original 8th, then 9th, air force, England, passed in 90...

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