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June 03, 2020


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Top.. Portlands long ago beauty. Bottom:do people seriously thing marring public properties, destroying and looting, setting fires, and being childish assholes is going to do anything? Sure, fill jails. YOU DID NOT KNOW THE MAN, YES HE WAS MURDERED, LET THE COURTS HANDLE IT!!!PEACEFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the idiots didnt live through earlier riots.. I started high school during them, and was terrified. My white arse survived.

A mere handful of people are the ones responsible for all the destruction compared to the literal millions of people peacefully demonstrating around the world. The people you see lying on the bridge above, I would bet are not the ones causing the destruction. Those who were, are lying in the weeds downtown as this picture is taken waiting for their moment when the evening's festivities end. Antifa, no doubt is a part of that element, but make no mistake, when the dust settles, we'll learn more about the far right nut jobs who were involved who are spoiling for a civil war. If I understood right, it sounds like on average in most cities, including Portland, two thirds of those arrested are from out of town.

yes scuddie most likely they are from out of town bussed in and paid for! their plans are working!

All four of the pigs, I will never call them cops, have been charged, the main jackass, for reasonable politeness, is up for murder 2d degree. I am from the days of cops, police, decent people who wear the uniform and do the job, pigs are those who think the shield and all makes them superiour. Superiour to what, the sewer? Sewer, please. respect peaceful protests, just not the minority who are far from peaceful.. far right, etc. Trouble makers

And yet they all are contributing to the spread of Covid-19. Multnomah County has yet to begin phase 1 which would allow "Gatherings of up to 25 people allowed for recreational, social,cultural, civic or faith events – with physical distancing requirements." Seems to me that has all gone to shit here with nightly demonstrations of thousands of people. So for three months all of these businesses that couldn't operate which has caused massive economic stress to them and all their employees have all done this for naught because thousands of peaceful demonstrators (mostly white) need to demonstrate their "wokeness".
You don't see that?

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