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June 03, 2020


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always liked her when i was growing up, according to some people who met her during the filming of kansas city bomber she was a stuck up unfriendly person, i find that sad...

john, I knew many who met her, she was worse than stuck up, she was a downright nasty bitch. In the Kenton Club, she was rude to some Native American regulars, 'f..king Indians', refused to be interviewed by 'some high school punk', and thought she could sprawl all over a friends recently painted car for photos, WITHOUT asking his permission. He told her to "get your fat fking whore ass off my car, before you fk up the paint!' The only one I heard liked her was one of the people who owned the house they used. He was an idiot, anyway.looks were all she could fall back on.

I thought she was great when here. Personable, friendly, nice and easy to chat with. Signed my autograph book with nice, personal message. Besides all that she was gorgeous!

A friend was dating the late Jane Hoyt (lucky friend) during the filming of Kansas City Bomber. Jane did double work for Welch. Let's just say Jane had little good to say about Welch. Apparently, while she was nice to look at, she wasn't so nice to know.

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