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June 25, 2020


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didnt work then wont work now!

John : You truly need to be educated and read the book The Great Pandemic. This country did a better job in 1917-1918 then we are doing now. I don’t like to make insulting remarks on my blog, but your statement is truly idiotic. Wear a mask.

Im glad the 'pissed' was clarified... Mr S. I am in a care centre, I dont wear one, BUT. I dont leave my bed. No interest in getting to know many here, not making friends, not a lot to do, I can sit in my solo room, and read to my hearts content, when iI have books.. just demolished 'The Institute", Stephen King.. two days. GOOD one! Were I out and about, I would mask and glove up. For others, especially those I care about. Please stay safe. Some of us still love Dave Stone @KISN...


Have you ordered a few crates of Kleenex yet to make sure you have plenty on hand to wipe away those tears the night of November 3? Believe me. you're going to need it. As locked into Dotard as you are, I'm thinking you're going to cry so hard that you'll be dehydrated.

But for now, take a look around up there and tell us what Dotard had for lunch today.

Notice the paranoia, television adverts criticising Biden as a doddering old fool, while its coming out more and more how deluded and narcissistic Darth Cheeto is.. and Barr is in deep, laughing all the way tothe polls.. watch them all fall down.

Remember back when Mt. St.Helens blew? When volcano experts told the government to close access to the mountain because LIVE VOLCANO ABOUT TO BLOW, yet there were people who yelled and whined and bitched that they had "the right" to stay at their vacation homes on the mountain and no expert/scientist/government had to right to tell them otherwise because they knew more, so they dragged their kids up there for what turned out to be their last ever stay?

Wonder what it says on their tombstones.

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