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July 13, 2020


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We had a neighbour from the old country Polish, RUDE as, and Dammasch crazy, shed get on the phone for hours, daily, multiple times. Not get off, unless dad got on.. She also put nails in her driveway at the street, threw feces.. yes, dog shit, on my car once because I parked in front of her house for 10 min. Serious insane. Her husband was just the opposite, sweet as could be.. too bad she outlived him around 25-30 yr...

The girl down the street was on our party line. She used to monopolize the line every afternoon after school talking to the girls she'd just spent the day in school with. Listening in was great fun.

She had no compunction about sharing secrets with her girlfriends but probably the best story was the one she confided about stealing money from her mother's purse so she could buy a bra. The thing was that at the time she had no boobs, as a couple of her friends pointed out to her.

It could be difficult not to laugh while eavesdropping.

I discovered that if I unscrewed the mouthpiece from the handset (effectively removing the mic) I could listen in on the party undetected...

(slow news day)

We were on a four-party or ten-party line in 1959 and my parents had to count the rings. Private lines had a long waiting list.

I used to do that, as well, daniel!!!

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