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July 29, 2020


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i remember their comercials beep beep jarvis jeep.

When growing up, a neighbor had a Willys Wagon like those pictured in the low right corner. His was in varied shades of brown and sepia. He traded for a Model A.

These "beep beep Jarvis Jeeps" appear to be late 40's-early 50's models. Seems odd to me a guy would trade one for a Model A which ceased production in 1932.
Trade "down" 15-20 years?? Doesn't seem likely.

This photo is from 1959, and the cab over pickup is a Jeep model FC (forward control) which were made from 1956-1965 in several bed lengths, a friend had a FC 170

Jarvis Jeep was located at 1300 SE Grand Ave.

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