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July 11, 2020


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Other than Nordstrom, I can't think of any big-name downtown store that remains from the old days. Even the moderately sized stores, like Berg's, are gone. With the sidewalks being given over to street camping and begging, what's the reason I'd want to go downtown?

Sadness abounds, the end of downtown shopping of any value. Now, its not worth thinking about.

Most people probably don't know this, but the last Newberry store standing was in Portland Oregon, and it survived all the way into the 2000s in downtown Portland. They still had the lunch counter, a pet store in the basement, a great toy section, a great candy selection, and a lot of little old ladies working the floor and counters. I have many fond memories of shopping there during the 70's on Christmas Eve for toys and stocking stuffers at the last moment.

Drove all the major downtown streets yesterday. A ghetto of boarded up buildings. I won't be going back. Soon the only employers left there will be government and legal. This city is allowing the destruction of tax paying businesses, tax paying jobs, crime and anarchy/

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