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July 31, 2020


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It's a fake. Or at least a "recreation" from the only actual surviving photo, here:


Jeremiah Gurney set up his camera on a narrow catwalk high above the building’s rotunda and took this breathtaking picture of the open coffin, with Admiral Charles Davis and General Ed­ward Townsend guarding either end. Though he had been dead nine days, Lincoln’s heavily em­balmed features were still recognizable.In its own time, the picture never came to light. When Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton learned of its existence, he ordered Maj. Gen. John A. Dix to seize and destroy all prints and negatives. Dix, however, sent one copy to Stanton, who spared it.Years later, Stanton’s son gave it to Lincoln’s former private secretary, John G. Nicolay. But not until 1952, rummaging through the Nicolay Papers in Springfield, Ill., did student Ronald Rietveld (later to become a Lincoln scholar) discover the sensational, long-lost picture—the world’s very last look at Abraham Lincoln.

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I have no idea about "fake" or not.
My understanding is Lincoln was shot from behind. The bullet is said to have entered Lincoln's skull behind his left ear, passed through his brain, and come to rest near the front of his skull.
Apparently no exit wound, as we see in the photo. Based on this, I suppose the photo could be "real."

Perhaps I should have used another word instead of the now politically-charged word “fake”.

And I also should not have used quote marks (“recreation”). That seems to indicate some flexibility of the term in quotes.

How about hoax? Or historic recreation? Or phoney? Or mock-up? Or Photoshop? Notice I’m not using quote marks….

This is not an actual (historic or otherwise) photo of Lincoln in his casket.

Believe what you want, but here’s the link to the site where you can purchase a copy of this photo. For $45. By the man and the team who created it. (He’s won Emmys!). I regret that I hadn’t yet found this link yesterday when I first posted:


I’m neither a historian or a Lincoln nut, just someone who enjoys reading Mr. Stumps blog every day. I’m not trying to advance or disprove conspiracy theories, or bust Mr. Stump’s chops. It’s an interesting creation, but it’s not real. When I saw the photo, I thought, “that looks too good to be true.” It was.

When keeping it real goes wrong. Haha.

P.S. Here’s a couple of additional fakes (oops I used that word again): https://civilwar.gratzpa.org/2016/11/fake-lincoln-photos-lincoln-in-his-coffin/

Have a great day everyone! (why am I on the internet, I need to go outside….)

Undoubtedly there are a few bonafide photos, or daguerrotype prints, out there... there were certainly more than ample sickos who took bloodstained articles, and dipped handkerchiefs, etc, into his blood. Lincoln was shot behind the left ear, the ball forced his right eye to protrude slightly. It doesnt appear in this.

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