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July 30, 2020


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The Farrell's at the Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills shopping center was nice. We westsiders knew that we were cool when Farrell's made our side of town its second location.

Joel sorry you were not as cool as those East County people.
Oregonian archive March 6, 1966 (Page 54) Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor
Now interviewing for new East side location NE 122 & Halsey.

Oregonian archive May 10 1967 (page 45) Story of Fred Meyer expansion of Raleigh shopping center and in the story this. Among new tenants will be the third Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor in the Portland area.

We always knew that Farrell's considered the Raleigh Hills store to be its second establishment. Always long lines at Raleigh Hills, just like the downtown store. The first eastside store that actually worked out for Farrell's was the Lloyd Center store. Did anything about San Rafael ever gel?

Joel the last mention in the Oregonian about the San Rafael Farrell's location being open was in November 1985, but the only other locations that got mentioned were at Lloyd Center & Washington Square. Wikipedia indicates that poor sales had seen most locations closed by 1990.
So if Farrell's at San Rafael was open from 1966 thru 1985, yes I would say 19 years of business at this location they did gel.

DG, I met did San Rafael as a shopping area ever gel? It was promoted to be this hot new shopping district but all it ever attracted was a bunch of tract homes and a dump.

The Raleigh Hills Farrell's was moved to Washington Square when the new shopping center opened in 1973. At Washington Square, it remained extremely popular. But even by that time, the chain was faltering under the ownership of Marriott

Joel San Rafael being promoted as a hot new shopping district in the 60's that something I never had heard of, and it would be be tough to go up against Lloyd Center as the hottest. The San Rafael ctr. that is only about 12 acres was redeveloped a little over 30 years ago, and refreshed again last year, and you will be happy to know that it is at 100 percent occupancy.

Your first comment about "westsiders knew that we were cool" and today's comment that San Rafael "attracted a bunch of tract homes and a dump" has a very snobbish tone. Just to make it clear in the 60's and for many years it was a gravel pit.

Today it's a dump and it's like two blocks from the San Rafael Shopping Center. Otherwise, the center is surrounded by ticky tacky little boxes.

Sorry, if that makes me seem snobbish. I grew up on the westside in a nice neighborhood with an HOA. I guess I shouldn't have lived the good life in suburbia...but what can I say, I was born into it.

Well that does it for this weeks Show! Thanks for being with us on the "Big Scoop" and a special thanks to our guests, long time Portland residents Joel and DG! We look forward to having you both back in the future and we shall see then, who "scoops" who!

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