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August 10, 2020


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sharp lookin 1961 bird! ill take the 390 option too!

This is a 1962 Ford Thunderbird sports roadster. For the model year 1962 Ford built 78,011 T-Birds and only 9,884 convertibles were built, and only 1,427 had the limited edition sports roadster package which added $651 and that pushed the price to approx $5,500 in 1962 dollars which would be more than $46,000 dollars in 2020.

I would love a 55, 56, or 57 TBird, with removable porthole top, and if I recall, wasnt there a soft top also available? This 62 is ugly... and Jack Daniel's is much better than Hiram Walker, obviously, it isnt around.. Jameson's, is another..I do enjoy a good whiskey here and there..

Jann, a gal I went to school with's family loved the 55 - 57 T-birds. They collected them and had, if I recall correctly, nine...all in running condition, and they drove them. She'd show up in a different car every day. Of course, the cars were only around a dozen years old at the time.

She said what she liked best was that it was tough to bum rides off her in a two-seater. I tried to get extra-friendly with her but she was South Korean and said her father would never allow her to date a white kid.

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