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August 15, 2020


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Great pictures. Thanks Mr. Stump.

The next summer was Vortex I, Oregon's would be Woodstock. Since it was a free festival from the get-go there's no accurate count of attendance. Estimates are from 30,000 to 100,000.

The Woodstock movie had hit the screens just a couple of weeks before Vortex and the stage announcers tried their damnedest to be as hip as the Woodstock stage announcers. They had to have a certain stoner ambiance with a touch of authority.

There were a lot of drugs and nudity at Vortex. The group I was with had no sooner staked out its plot than a young gal in nothing but see-through bikini underpants came by to try to sell us acid. Lots of State Cops walking amongst the crowd ignoring all of the underage drinking and drugging.

One night while walking across the pitch dark field in search of a porta-potty or a convenient tree, whichever came first, I tripped on a couple making whoopee on an open stretch of grass. On Sunday, I ran into a guy I worked with who was running around starkers with his equally naked girlfriend.

Lots of fun for a bunch of 21-year olds. It wasn't Woodstock, but it was free and it was sponsored by the State of Oregon.

Thanks!!Were these your ticket stubs?

McCall staged Vortex to get the riotous youth out of the city for the American Legion convention being held at the same time (during Vietnam).

Also interesting, all these events with mass crowds occurring during the Hong Kong flu pandemic.

Not at all interesting about the Hong Kong flu. First, it occurred primarily in 1968. Woodstock was in 1969. Vortex 1970.

1,000,000 people died worldwide in 1968, 100,000 in the US. 170,000 have died in six months this time. I'm sure it was taken much more seriously in 1969 than Dotard Drumpf has taken it this year.

The deaths occurred primarily in people 65 and older. I doubt many people of that age attended Woodstock and I didn't see anyone near that old at Vortex.

By the way, the Hong Kong flu (officially H3N2) is still around today, but we have a vaccine against it. COVID is technically not a flu virus, rather it's a SARS type virus, more like the common cold (except deadly) and we have never been able to create a vaccine to cure the common cold.

maybe we wil be blessed, and Donolf Trumpler, Mitchie the uncircumcised, Pence, and Barrf will contract a combo of the two by Nov, and eliminate themselves...One can only hope,,,

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