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August 09, 2020


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Just need to point out that not all Harley riders are dumb asses and dump supporters. My Harley-riding husband is not only in a "liberal" band (many of their originals have to do with politics, not that the audience always picks up on it), but is capable of critical thinking skills and takes this deadly pandemic very seriously! He's an "essential" worker, and has had to school some dumb asses about how he does not want his life, the lives of his employees, and the lives of his loved ones endangered by ignorance.

He had one close call with a delivery guy from another company who got sick a few days after being there, but as he and the delivery guy were distancing and wearing masks, the virus did not spread, thank goodness. My husband did not get a call from a contact tracer (do we not have them?) but the owner of the other company, who also takes the virus very seriously, called my husband, as he should. I don't know how the sick person is doing; I'm hoping it was a mild case and was not spread to others.


My late husband also owned a few Harleys in his time, and was liberal, although i think he would be on a jury as quick as he would vote, dinosaurs would be cruising first.. he loved Sturgis, and this year would have hurt his heart... Not more than a 40 watt in a 60 watt package, or dim 60, but he would be masking, and grouching..

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