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August 01, 2020


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Worth noting: In 1918 legal requirements for masks were the common thing. Assholes who refused to mask up were shot. What do you Trump morons think about that?

We can learn from history.

Or we can listen to the lunatic in the White House who takes his cues for a deadly global pandemic from a "doctor" who believes in demonic dream sex and alien DNA in our medicines.

Although I was glad to find out how I got Endometriosis. My husband and I are now in demon counseling for my midnight fling with the dream demon.

Joel from what I have read people who did not wear masks were fined, jailed, or shamed by printing their names in the newspaper, but I only came across one case in San Francisco where a man was shot, but not killed for not wearing a mask. There was resistance to mask wearing in 1918 also for some of they same reasons as today, but please cite where shooting people was punishment for not wearing a mask, I would like to read more about this.
Now I bet you are thinking that I'am anti mask, but I have no problems wearing a mask, and have been wearing a mask for months, and listen to medical professionals, no reality TV performers.

Actually, I read it on Google or Tineye while trying to learn more about the picture. In particular, why some cops wore helmet style hats and others wore saucer caps. It was probably talking about Seattle. You know, here in the PNW, we were still pretty much in the wild west in 1918.

Badkitty, not to make light of your diagnosis, but was the midnight demon named Bobby?Be my late hubby..Prayers you overcome it.. And I bet the reality moron, and john bought thay Hollywood Walk of Fame star,that I read a few places has been destroyed..john would love to have it.

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