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August 03, 2020


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About 1954, my parents and I (12, if 1954) drove the new 1954 Chevy Bel Air to SF Bay Area for week - 10days of vacation. As luck would have it, Tony Bennett had a "show" while we were at the Fairmont, atop Nob Hill. Although that was some time before the album of the same name was released, he did sing the famous song. Of course, he was appearing in San Francisco!
And, as the saying goes, "The crowd went wild!"
It was a wonderful experience. One I have never forgotten. I was so fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

Bill ; On my moms side of the family, they ran the Fairmont for two generations. Amazing success story of immigrants from Germany that fled to Shanghai then arrived in San Francisco. When they were in charge it was one of the great hotels in the world. Today not so. One was President CEO, one was head of catering, one food and beverage, another ran the room you saw Tony in, The Venetian Room.

last of the breed! happy birthday tony!

Mr. Stump, Interesting story about your mom's side of the family and the Fairmont. It was indeed a fine hotel. Thnx for reminding me Venetian is name of the room. I appreciate all your efforts, Dave. Best....

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