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August 11, 2020


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In mid July 1952 Dwight Eisenhower took a 10 day vacation at a fishing camp near Fraser Colorado before hitting the 1952 general election trail. In this photo he is trying to teach Nixon fly fishing.

Eisenhower didn't actually pick Nixon as much as Nixon was picked in one of those notorious smoke-filled rooms political conventions used to be famous for. This picture was taken following the 1952 Republican National Convention when Ike invited Nixon to join him on a fishing trip so the two could get to know one another better.

The more iconic picture of the get-together is the one of Nixon ducking for fear of getting hit while Ike casts his fishing line.

Eisenhower and Nixon were never good friends, at least during Ike's eight-year administration. After Eisenhower's grandson David started dating Nixon's younger daughter Julie, that changed. David and Julie have been married for almost 52 years.

The Nixons weren't invited to socialize at the White House. Nixon was a political animal, not a social one. Ike once queried, "How does he survive in politics with so few friends?" Eisenhower was a very social being. Nixon was more of an introvert.

Ike was well versed in politics as the game was played in the military which was greatly different than the civilian version Nixon was so adept at. Basically, the two had no problems getting along, but were never close.

Eisenhower's observation that it would take him a week to come up with an example of something Nixon did well, never went over with Nixon and was, in fact, used against Nixon during the 1960 presidential race by JFK.

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