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September 14, 2020


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Now let's look at Cheetolini's campaign schedule:



Lie some more

Expose cult to deadly virus a competent leader would have stopped before it started during one of my fabulous "worship me" rallies

Check in with Pootie to see how his trolls are doing, get my marching orders

Tweet to citizens to vote twice. Heck, make it three times, to be safe

Waste taxpayer money to send out postcards with fraudulent misinformation (aka, outright lies) about voting

Tweet racist things about Kamala Harris, maybe add a birther lie or two for good measure (Oakland CA is not part of the US!)

Today's projection tweet: "Joe Biden is on drugs." Now where's Rush with my daily coke? He probably snorted it again while waiting in line to get my seven Big Macs and bushel of fries... should've given that damn medal to Rudy instead for the work he's doing with Russia to swing the "election"...

Badkitty, that is very creative, and funny as hell! Applause!! Quite believable, as well.. wonder how accurate? Although if lardo was doing coke, he wouldnt be so 'nation-wide' in size... maybe he should do more...

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