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September 17, 2020


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Thanks Metro for removing one of the best attractions at the Oregon (Portland) Zoo. I have never heard one good reason to remove the Zoo to Washington Park train ride. People are willing to pay for your lack of maintenance while under your watch to restore and make safe the rails and track bed. And while we are at it, your idea of removing the train track rails and replacing them with a "Multi Purpose Homeless Trail" is without a doubt the worst Metro idea ever. (and to be honest, the next good idea from Metro will be their First Good idea.) Time to go, Metro. Abolish Metro!

The last I heard, before we entered the days of hell, was that they were going to save the 1960s Zoo Train. Is this a final decision?

Why? Pure ad simple.. greed. They are so focused on bike lanes and yuppie trails that things that have been enjoyed and beloved by Portlanders for years can all go straight to hell, and they keep greasing the slide. Before long, therell be no single family homes, it will all be multi family duplexes, triplexes, condos, etc, and nobody over 50.

Cindy, I believe that what Merto was decided was to keep the "small 7 minute loop" inside the zoo operating and eliminate the the trip to the Washington Park Station. The Zoo train is one of the few remaining memories from the 1950s and 60s that everyone from that era remembers who rode the train to Washington Park. I guess Metro knows more about what we want more than what We do. Repair the rails and run the train to Washington Park!

Lets go back to Rose City buslines, they knew what they were doing!!! METRO SUCKS!

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