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September 21, 2020


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It won't be just the movies. Main street is shutting down.

Meal kits are one of the new online stars. Fancy food, just like you get in a restaurant, but you can dine in your underwear. Specialty meal kit companies are even starting up. Throw it together and cook it on your schedule and no snooty waitstaff.

A lot of businesses are finding that there's no need for that fancy office suite. You hold the morning meeting on Zoom, then people work from home. Even appointments can be scheduled online. Portland Class 'A' office suites are going for more that 30 bucks a square foot, think of how much money can be saved by reducing office space needs.

Do you want to read the latest crime novel? Order it up from Amazon or one of the other online book sellers and read it on your tablet. Or download an audio file that you can play on your phone. And we all know about newspapers.

Even the radio business is getting hit. I have an old radio buddy who voice tracks six or seven daily shows in his home studio and emails them to the various radio stations.

The world's changing quickly. Before long there'll be no reason to leave your bedroom.

Considering cinemas were/are full *>( of people taping the movie on their cell phones, yapping on cell phones, and the admission is 15,0 or more, they just arent worth it! Bring back drive ins!!!

Yes, but we are social creatures. Well, most of us are. Many of us crave social interaction, plus it's good for us (unless you're in a trump "worship me" rally surrounded by non-masked covidiots, of course).

Real books are still the top pick of bibliophiles, and while I'm a longtime fan of audio books, if a book is that good, I want it in print form, too. I stopped going to movie theaters when multiplexes took over because yuck, but will never stop going to live theatre.

Zoom meetings and working at home will stick around, but there's a synergy when working with others, an energy that fuels creative drive. Plus it's fun to take breaks with co-workers and relax. I always ask customer service reps now how they like working at home, and while they say there are definitely plusses (no commute, can help kids with home schooling because pandemic), the overwhelming sentiment is they miss their co-workers.

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