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September 14, 2020


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What a cute poster! I want to see this! And maybe play the witch...

YouTube has the entire Oregon Oregon play here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr7tlENmmMk
The actual play starts about 4 minutes after the recording begins. It is pretty stupid. I didn't finish listening to it.
Stan Freberg's commercials were different. Most of them were quite amusing, like the one for prunes. It shows a guy who doesn't like prunes because they are wrinkly and have pits. The commercial is for pitted prunes and ends with the tag line "first the pits, then the wrinkles".

Bad Kitty...
There was nothing to see. Oregon, Oregon! was a Stan Freberg radio program that was sponsored by Blitz-Weinhard.

The role of The Witch may be open. Helen Kleeb who played The Witch died in 2003. Kleeb, by the way, started her career in Portland radio before moving to Hollywood. In addition to her roles in many Freberg productions, Kleeb was a character actress of some note.

Yes, Miss Kleeb was the dark haired older lady on "Andy Griffith", and I believe "The Waltons". Talented lady. I did not know she started here in Stumptown, but many are/were from here.

Helen Kleeb was also on many of the Gunsmoke radio programs with William Conrad as Marshal Dillon.

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