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September 30, 2020


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Too bad he wasn't driving that Caddy.

Ive read he was driving over the limit, Sir Alec Guinness begged him not to drive it, or hed be dead in a week, and the silver reflected the sunlight, so Turnupseed, the other driver, was blinded from seeing this car. I will always believe the car was cursed. And "Little Bastard: didnt help.

Now that I see it I'd take the Ford Country Squire station wagon on the left. I really would. I love Station Wagons. So does Sean Connery.

Tom, I am not particular, ill accept either of them, the wagon, or Caddy.. but I want a ride in the other..

The caddy would be a better investment but the Ford had actual wood panels. Wood Panels.

And its gorgeous. Both of them are....

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