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September 15, 2020


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My sister-in-law in Tigard had blue skies yesterday afternoon!!!

Meanwhile, Hillsboro was still above 300 in the Hazardous zone, as we are today. I was out (with mask and filter) for maybe 15-20 minutes to water the pots and feed the fish birds stray cat, and when I came in, my hair and clothing reeked so bad, everything got washed immediately!

It's raining on the coast. That's a start!


This is the official air quality testing site. Just put in your zipcode and get your rating! They also have apps for your phone.

We're down to 179 today, merely "unhealthy" instead of "hazardous". Sad that's something to celebrate! Yet even with this terrible air quality, we have seen joggers and powerwalkers go by, not even attempting to mask. WTH, people?!

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