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September 17, 2020


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I have never heard of Kaiser cars being built in Portland. Ships of course. I think their only plant was in Michigan. Correct me if I'm wrog. Thanks

Yes ... they had a plant here.

The Kaiser-Frazer assembly plant building is still there at 7737 NE Killingsworth st. They assembled their first car in a soft opening in September 1950, and built 4 cars that first day, but production did not last for many years.

I also was unaware of Portland production of K-F. Can't find where the plant was in Stumptown; but I did find this on the inter-web:
Production of Kaiser-Frazer models was centered at Willow Run, Michigan. Willow Run was the largest building in the world at that time.
Kaiser-Frazer also had manufacturing facilities in Jefferson MI; Long Beach CA; PORTLAND, OR; Leaside, Ontario, Canada; Haifa, Israel; Kawasaki, Japan; Mexico City and Rotterdam (known as "Nekaf"). In 1953 U.S. production was concentrated at Toledo, Ohio, upon the purchase of Willys-Overland.

I like your site and look at it every day and recommend it to everyone I know, but I hate misinformation about cars. All Kaisers were built in Willow Run Mich. Later moving to Toledo Ohio after merging with Jeep. Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. I'm not writing this to be a wise guy, but being a gearhead all my life, bad info bothers me.

Wish dad or my uncle were still with us, I'd ask them.. but then there was a busy cop shop on SE 12th, just north of Powell, and I thought dad was full of it again.. I would think it rather cool to own a Kaiser that was built here in Portland, even today.

Confirmed : they did have a plant in Portland, Or

Steve Newell you can read about that first day of production at the Kaiser-Frazer plant on NE Killingsworth in the Oregonian from September 22, 1950 (page 1) and the story has 3 photos of cars being assembled.

And prior to this, Ford was making Model T's in SE PDX.

It was a completely different world.

Wow, NE killingsworth? Thats close to home, since I have lived in Stumptown!! And Model T's.. extra wow..By the way, I feel if I see DG, Joel, daniel taylor, or Mr S. post it, I tend to believe.. these guys are researchers!!!

I'm thinking that DG must be a librarian with an all-access pass to the Multnomah County Central Library.

Or maybe he (DG) just has Ken Jennings on speed dial! Whatever the case may be, his contributions are always welcome and have cleared up many questions for me!

I think DG has tried to explain several times how he does it, but probably has given up since no one seems to get it. Hint: It is not rocket science or Ken Jennings.

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