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September 26, 2020


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I follow you and really like your content...but what about this is normal? Just want to know what your explanation is. That's all. Otherwise, carry on! Great stuff here.

Life normal mode with a grocer helping with the packages....They did this for my mom when I was a kid at Dieringers...No masks or social distance....simple times. Kids played outside and were no addicted to gaming, Moms dressed up.....A civility of America. By the looks go the photo, Kennedy was most likely President? (a car buff would know).....A President that gave a shit about the country before lining his pockets.

JJ...Couldn`t help but laugh at your comment. In the "olden days" if a customer asked for help out to the car with their groceries, they would get it. They were called anything from parcel boys(at Fred Meyer) to courtesy clerks.

Also, when getting help, the woman would stand at the rear of the car and the kid would raise one foot against the cart.

Hope that helps!!

I worked parcel at a couple of Freddys...we also used to bag groceries, so the name also was bag boys, or baggers. Good times... tho in my days, nobody really spiffed for shopping.

That looks like a '55 or a '56 Rambler station wagon to me, so probably Eisenhower, a very civil president.

Someone will probably correct me, though....

But I had to chuckle at Mr Stump's premise of normal, since this scene looks almost exactly like my present day load-out experience at the grocery store, except that I've called my order ahead and everyone is masked up; still, all very civil.

Now if I could just find the 19 cent/gallon gasoline from that era!

It's okay, Mr. Stump. I'm with you. Way more here than appearance.

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