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October 25, 2020


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On the "I Love Lucy" TV comedy, Lucy and Ricky didn't share a bed. So, it's strange that this set features a double bed.

For the record, double beds in TV weren't unheard of at the time. TV's first sitcom "Mary Kay and Johnny" -- starring real life married couple Mary Kay and Johnny Stearns -- which debuted in fall 1947 on Dumont, showed the couple in bed together in their Greenwich Village apartment. The apartment had a living room, bedroom, and kitchen, but no bathroom.

By the way, I'm not old enough to remember the show. I've read about it and since it was a live broadcast, no record of it exists except in writing.

Back then, nobody used a bathroom. Even the Brady Bunch didnt have more than a sink cabinet!! All In The Family actually had one, we heard Archie flush!

The kids' bathroom was portrayed on the Brady Bunch, it just didn't have a toilet. The flush on All in the Family was the first acknowledgment on TV that people actually used such devices.

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