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October 25, 2020


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I see nothing wrong with the ad that would prevent publication, unless its the title...and that would be a lame judgement call, IMO

Must have been a tad chilly.

Jann, as Bob Seeger once said: "And points all her own, sitting way up high...."

It has to be the nips protruding under the shirt.

Jann....you don`t get the point do you?

We should definitely nip this type of advertising in the bud before it gets out of hand!

After I commented, I did see it was a cld day, and Bob Seger was definitely correct.. Lee, I have my own points, thank you.. my husband was very fond.

My bet is her mom was way more upset by the brown cigarette/mini-cigar hanging out of her mouth than she was upset by her nipples sticking out of her shirt.

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