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October 29, 2020


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Lindner makes some excellent points. Thanks to Dotard Drumpf, literally thousands of small businesses have been forced to close across the country. It's almost like Dotard wanted thousands to join him as a failed business owner.

LindTard gets it wrong again. Too many of you idiots believe that quack Fauchy.....

86,000 infected today. 1,073 dead. Huge increases in over half the states. He swore to protect. What’s he doing ? Rallies. He slaps us in the face daily. Trump is doing everything his own task force told us not to do. TRUMP has not been in a task force meeting in months.

Fauci is far from an idiot, Buck Naked, he is a very intelligent man. Unlike the one you suck up to, Trumpler. Maybe Jonestown shouldnt have allowed the two of you to escape... Once you experience COVID yourself, you may wake up... nah, cant cure stupid. Cheering for ya, Bruce!

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