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October 29, 2020


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Even as a kid I wondered why women were willing to humiliate themselves for a chance to win a washer/dryer set that most of them probably didn't even have a room for and get to sit on the throne with a phony fur coat while wearing a tiara made of paste diamonds. Plus Jack Bailey looked like a crook and fraudster.

Queen for a Day was the junkiest of junk TV. That they'd hand out phony pre-messaged postcards makes perfect sense.

Joel....junkiest of junk shows? I shall remind you of The Gong show. What about these reality shows of today? I`m sure others can name theirs.

At the time, QFAD was probably the junkiest. It was really repellent.

Most of the 'reality' shows nowadays can take a group flying leap.. '90 Day Fiance', and that group, Little People Big World and Pit Bulls and Parolees are way over their time spans, lets revamp tv for intelligent entertainment! The Gong Show was a case for how truly desperate people can be. I had the Unknown Comic's "car", when my engine threw a rod...

The Gong Show wasn't junk, it was satire.

I agree, reality shows (which aren't even real) are total junk. But I also think there's room for all of them on the list of the junkiest of junk TV. There's also "My Mother the Car." Really, there's no end to it.

The only redeeming thing about "My Mother the Car" was the car... and the short run.

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