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October 30, 2020


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I had to take night classes senior yr of hs, thanks to a lousy teacher, she lasted one year, my sophomore year, and as I was at benson for night school, I would drive up to Scotty's and get food on lunch break.. loved them!! Another was the Lumberjack, on N. Interstate, they made a killer Lumberjack burger, get a side of fries or onion rings, and a thick malt, and oh, yes... one of those burgers was enough for two.

Scotties on weekend nights--gottta think first about first about Dick Novak /KPOJ on weekends. Would meet all the groups from other schools around town, then seeing car full of ladies, then the 45 cent food!
Ahhhh such memories!
Portland's own version of 'Happy Days'. . . .

Reality check: In 2021 that would be all three for $4.39.

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