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October 18, 2020


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Now, here's a thought...with movie houses becoming history, and people still being desirous of going out to the movies, how about transforming dying and dead malls to new drive in theaters? Jantzen Beach and Clackamas Town Center would be ideal.. and that would give people the chance to go out to see movies, in the comfort of their cars, and not take up unused space. Not to mention make new memories for families.

You may have an idea there Jann. As shopping center space becomes less and less valuable, the land could drop to the point of being useful for drive-in theaters again.

The Sears store at Washington Square has been sitting empty for almost two years. Tear down the building and replace it with the Washington Square Drive-In. Let today's kids know the thrill of getting a little in the back seat of Dad's Chevy while they ignore some crappy movie.

Thank you.. I remember well the local drive ins, was at the 104th Street when Mt St Helens vomited ash again, drove home in a rented car to Interstate and Alberta area, my friend took the bus, took her 2 hr longer than my 30-45 min. easy commute. ids now have no concept...

Hey Joel.....getting a little what in the back seat? Help me out here.

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