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November 20, 2020


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At KXL, the boss used to take the whole staff and even their spouses out for dinner when we had good books. We always seemed to go to Horst Mager restaurants and Der Rheinlander was a favorite. Superb sauerbraten with authentic kartoffelpuffer.

Joel .. probably trade!

I wondered about that, Dave. I can't remember if we ran spots for the Mager Restaurants. By the way, nice call on using Brooks to voice.

When the "Hollywood District" was a safe place.
Long before snowflake Ted Wheeler let the wacko liberals loose to destroy and vandalize businesses in the area.
Sad to see what Wheeler and libs have done to our beloved City of Roses!

Yeah, Bill. I'm sure you'd much prefer that we return to those thrilling days of the 1950s when the city was run by Big Jim Elkins and the mob. I'll bet you remember those days fondly, you know when black and brown people knew their place...no uppity BLM types demanding they be treated like humans.

Oh please Joel. you're writing a Fairy Tale, when you say "...the city was run by Jim Elkins and the mob."  That's beyond exaggeration.  It's essentially bs.

It's true  Elkins was indicted by Feds / RFK.  Also indicted were Mayor Shrunk, Multnomah County DA and Portland Police Chief. Elkins may have been involved in prostitution, pinball machines and other low level activity.

BUT and it's a BIG but, he was acquitted.  Also acquitted were Shrunk. the DA, the police chief, etc.

And to top off your nonsense,  you use the obama strategy of playing the race card??  That's so outdated.  And total bs.  Who the F said anything about blacks or browns?? Not me; only you.

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