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January 31, 2021


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Your memory is intact on this one. Flanagan's 3520 SE 82nd (SE 82nd & Powell} now the location of a Carl's Jr. burger restaurant.

This is where we always ate on the way home after returning from a flight somewhere. Never any time else for some reason.

FLANAGANS was located at 82nd and Powell correct, and was owned by the Kolch family. Mike Kolch (son) played baseball at Franklin and his coach was Gene Santelli. Mr Kolch Senior, Mike and Gene Santelli went up in a small private plane which crashed losing all three. Pretty sad turn of events. Gene was a fun guy and Mike was a talent. I don't remember ever meeting Mister Kolch.

BTW does anyone remember a large warehouse full of fireworks which blew up next to the property,the the whole block going going gone?

UG this is something I had no knowledge of since I was in grade school when it happened, but here are a few detail. On July 5, 1958 Signal Fireworks & Specialty Company which was located at SE 84th and Powell which was located in a residential neighborhood just 2 blocks outside Portland city limits in Multnomah county were there was no regulations on their business. At 1:40 am the concrete warehouse with 20 tons of fireworks exploded leveling a entire city block. A 4 year old girl who was sleeping in her home near the warehouse was killed, and 26 people were injured. Property damage saw water mains shattered and power poles knocked over, 1 business was destroyed, 13 had major damage, and 6 had minor damage, there were 111 homes with major damage, and 173 with minor damage. There are several news stories on this event, and the law suits that followed. Thanks for the tip it's alway good to learn something new.

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