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January 22, 2021


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Worst President we have ever suffered as father of the welfare state and the Vietnam War.

Up until the Bushes, and the Orange Frightmare, thank all thats gone.

He brought us the Civil Rights Act and Medicare.

LBJ, the worst president? That is really a pretty dumb post.

First, we just got rid of the absolute worst president ever and considering presidents like Nixon, Andrew Johnson, Jackson, Buchanan, and Carter it really comes off as completely ill-considered.

The most recent president is a gross narcissist, a psychotic, a criminal, and the purveyor of more than 30,000 lies. Trump makes even Buchanan look decent.

Lyndon Johnson, in fact, was generally ranked in the top one-third of all US presidents by the experts. So, no. LBJ was nowhere near the worst president.

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