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January 25, 2021


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Until we actually, if ever, get a true Jewish deli, then I doubt we ever will have such deliciousness.... Portland deserves a couple of delis. We had Roses stolen from us...

Roses, Daves Deli, Goldbergs, all history. Theres one in NW Portland, never found it up to the 3 I mentioned.

So, do you eat this with a knife and fork? You'd need a huge mouth to get it around that thing.

Personally, the bottom section would be just fine with me. It's either roast beef or pastrami, both good...and make the bread sourdough. Jann, can have the turkey and ham.

I've been to all the places mentioned by Johnny Clark and to Sherman's as well, multiple times.

Other than the half and half on an onion roll at Dave's Deli the plain old corned beef sandwich at Sherman's is the absolute top sandwich on the west coast.

That's three sandwiches in one!

The sad truth is that these places are closing because there just isn’t enough business to keep them open. Even New York City is down to a small fraction of the delis they once had.

This one is a pastrami, corned beef any turkey breast on rye with mustard - a deli favorite.

Anyone remember Rose's LS Supreme?

Joel, sourdough is definitely THE way to go, and I want corned beef and pastrami, too. Not big on turkey, but its ok. No rye. ve had some marbled rye that was decent, but sourdough.

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