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January 13, 2021


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These clowns are truly a bunch of hypocrites. They claim to support the rights of private enterprise until private enterprise tells them they have to wear a face covering to enter a store. At that point, they refuse, they scream that their rights are being violated, and generally throw hissy fits.

This puke should have been told to get his fat ass out of the store and not to come back without a proper face covering. These pro-Trump buffoons are getting to be really, really, really tiring.

Wish we could arrest the morons for bio-terrorism.

So far three Democratic officials have contracted COVID from the Republican creeps who refused the masks that were offered to them while hiding out from the trump brand terrorists.

Also, HIGHLY recommend this article from Scientific American, which gives us some insight to why anyone would follow/believe a known conman/two-bit hustler/pathological liar like trump. trump supports will never read it because "science", but it does help the rest of us understand why certain people are easy bait for cults:

I also recommend "Wild Wild Country" on Netflix. It's a documentary about the Rajneeshees, when they tried to take over Oregon. The similarities between the bhagwan's and trump's cults are eerie; the Rashneeshies also planned to murder public officials whom they perceived as standing in their way of power.

I see dead people.

My impression of Bruce Willis is that he's one of the most arrogant douche canoes in Hollywood. Having said that, I'm going to give him a (little) benefit of the doubt. I see he's got a scarf around his neck which I'm guessing he may have forgoten to pull up when he entered the store. An employee probably had the AUDACITY to ask him to pull it up, rather than showing the deference reserved for such a giant film legend he considers himself to be, and big bad Bruce threatened to go all John McLain on their ass.

God bless this man for standing up to tyranny!

John : Tell that to my five friends dead and over 300,000 Americans. Your comment made me sick. You are a fool to say such a thing and please quote me on that. Please remove yourself from my page. I will never print another fucking comment from you.

Thank You Mr. Stump.

John’s comment is exactly why the shape we are in.

You know, I actually feel kind of sorry for john, living here amongst all of the intelligent pro-mask, pro-Dr. Fauci, anti-Trump people. He really should move to Alabama, or Mississippi, or Louisiana where the vast majority of people are as ignorant as he is. He could wave his Confederate and Trump flags and no one would think a thing of it.

Wow, John, just wow. Why would you say something like that? 300,000 plus have died and that`s your retort?

I agree totally with Foley. We are in this shape because of idiots that won't wear a mask and self distance. BS as far a tyranny is concerned.
Thank you Mr. Stump for your comment.

john, there are many places in Siberia where you and your pile of shit can go, and be very happy. Please disappear from this page permanently, as Mr Stump has requested, and go there immediately to prepare

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