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January 31, 2021


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Next for Christmas: Mister Merry's Little Tyke Meth Lab!

What were adults thinking? I know, different times. My parents were against "toys" like this, thank goodness. Plus my dad's early death was connected to his smoking. I think, like so many young men, he started smoking in the service. I don't know if they still do, but cigarette companies used to provide recruits with free cigarettes to get them addicted, nicotine being one of the most addictive substances. Millions of deaths are on the shoulders of the cigarette bigwigs and the data they purposely hid.

And today, certain restaurants and food manufacturers are using MSG to addict their customers, even as it affects their customers' health. KFC, for instance, has MSG in pretty much everything but the pop, and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't slip some in there, too. Even their green beans contain MSG, and their chicken pot pie has over 10 different kinds of MSG! Snack foods are also bad; it's almost impossible to find a potato chip or cracker these days that doesn't contain MSG. I don't understand the concept of killing off your customers in order to get their business. Wouldn't good products and good service be the best way to get repeat customers?

Uhhh, MSG isn't addictive, it's actually implausible that you could become addicted to MSG. And unlike cigarettes, which are extremely addictive -- possibly more addictive than heroin -- no one is going to get addicted to KFC or Mickey Ds. With cigarettes, you're pretty well limited to where you can get your nicotine. MSG in KFC is hardly going to make people wnat to come there instead of Popeye's or Costco.

I like KFC. It's pretty good chicken, but I certainly don't crave it. What then would be the point of The Colonel boosting the MSG in his dishes, other than to make them taste better.

You can also make the case that MSG is beneficial because it could reduce the intake of salt which is known to be complicit in heart problems. My doctor is constantly on me to reduce my intake of table salt, he's never mentioned MSG. And my doctor is a DO, meaning he's more into dietary stuff than MDs.

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