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March 07, 2021


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This would need to be sometime in 1973. The Talmadge committee was investigating Watergate

Woody you are correct it is 1973. The other headline "Peace Corp plane held by Uganda" was July 1973. On July 9 1973 the Oregonian reported that a plane carrying 112 peace corp members was ordered by radio to land at Entebbe Uganda, or be forced down by MIG fighter aircraft from the Uganda Air Force. Idi Amin thought that the plane was carrying mercenaries, or Israeli agents and after landing the the aircraft and British crew were released, but the American peace corp members were held for two day until the were released and picked up by another aircraft.

How wonderful it wold be to have these around still...

Alfred C Buck 11/30/1900 -- 5/22/1981 Born in Henry Ill. and passed away at Decatur County Hospital in Oberlin Kansas at 80 years old.
Most of his boyhood was spent in the McDonald area and he graduated from McDonald rural high school in 1921. He received a pharmaceutical degree from the University of Nebraska and later worked for McMillan Drug in Bird City Kansas. On 11/8/1924 he married Jane Jenkins of Bird City, and in 1928 they moved to McDonald where they took ownership of the drug store from Charles Benkelman.

My stop as a kid was Hedley's Rexall Drugs at SE 22nd and Hawthorne. Nickel Cokes to mock turtle soup, you could get it all there. Their cherry phosphates were great.

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