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March 25, 2021


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I've heard that the Aero-Car was strictly a promotional thing and that bigger, more reliable aircraft were actually used for the reports. Anyone?

I read that they tried to use it but it was unsafe. In the later sixties, they had no airplane, but just plagiarized other stations' traffic reports, or played recorded ones from previous days.

The dirty little secret is that traffic reports always were something of a joke. When I was doing the PM drive at KXL, we had an airborne traffic reporter named Jody something. My dad always gave me grief about how wrong the traffic reports were .

When we were saying that I-84 was packed, traffic would be moving right along. Or when we said that the Sunset was moving freely, it'd be a parking lot.

Lyle Arthur once told me that often his helicopter traffic reports on KGW came from the helicopter alright, but the helicopter was sitting on the ground at the Hillsboro Airport because of fog or some other adverse weather.

Later on, one company provided the traffic reports for several stations, KGW and KEX being the exceptions. The reporters, in some cases, used different names on different stations.

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