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April 20, 2021


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You know, all the blm yap about reparations, and I bet most cannot prove they are descended from slaves, which should be required.. How about reparations to the Japanese who were so rudely usurped, and stuck in camps because of their ancestry, during WWII? They lost way more than any blacks did! And they CAN prove their ancestry!

That was actually proposed around 35 years ago, Jann. A Japanese guy I knew was absolutely drooling at the thought that he had free money coming to him because his grandparents had been interned. My argument was that if he could prove direct financial harm caused to him, then he should be paid.

The same goes for the progeny of slaves. Why should Beyonce or Michael Jordan or Oprah be paid for no reason other than the color of their skin. It certainly hasn't stopped them from becoming wealthy, nor has the circumstance of tjeir great-great-great-grandmother.

But systemic racism is something else entirely. Anyone who can prove financial harm -- not just that it gave them the sads -- should be compensated. And this should go for all ethnic groups. Whites have been discriminated against because they were Catholic, or Irish, even German. If they can prove harm, they get reparations.

Joel makes good sense. Everyone has barriers, well unless their born with a silver spoon, and it's an individuals choice and desire to overcome them. I rarely see an Asian or Latin American in a homeless camp. Nobody is resonsible for the sins of their ancestors.

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