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April 11, 2021


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Uh, yeah. The FedEx logo has won several design awards for the use of negative space between the 'E' and the 'X'. Another prominent use of negative space is the peacock in the NBC logo.

Want more? Check out the Amazon logo. The curved arrow beneath the name indicates that Amazon carries eveerything from 'A" to 'Z'. The arrow also evokes a smile.

Try Pinteresst. The leg on the 'P' is a pin.

Or Baskin-Robbins. Check out the '31' for 31 flavors in the BR logo.

How about a couple of hidden items in logos:
Toberlone Chocolate is based in Bern. The Bern Coat-of-Arms features a Bear (Bern means bear) and there is a bear hidden in the mountain on Toberlone's logo.
The 'OUR' in the logo of the "Tour de France" is a cyclist.

Those are just a few. All sorts of hideen objects and hidden meanaings are hiding in logos.

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