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April 21, 2021


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Isn't there a fairly interesting story about how the last record was picked? C'mon Dave, let's hear it. I know you were there.

And tell us what some of the labels on this 45 mean? I assume the "96" is some kind of yearly or all-time countdown number? :16 is for the 16 second intro at the beginning of the record before the singing starts.

M 8 F: nedium tempo, 8 second outro, with a fade? "S" for stereo, or "Soul"?

And with my excellent dj hi-fi eyes, it looks like this single was pressed on recycled vinyl. Many record companies started using recycled vinyl with their singlea beginning around 1974 due to rhe petroleum crisis. These 45's were a little thicker, yet lighter in weight, and would cue burn very easily due to the cheaper grade of vinyl.

#96 was the number of the record in the bin
Medium open to fast
:16 sec open to bridge or vocal
The “S” No clue.

Cool. Thanks!

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