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April 28, 2021


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Wow! Some of these places are getting on in years. LaHaie's and Hillsboro Pharmacy were both advertisers on KUIK when I worked there (weekend gig, first paid radio job, $19.20 a week) in 1968.

It was a different world then. Hillsboro was a little town unto itself and not just another suburb of Portland.

People who lived in Hillsboro worked in Hillsboro. The Argus (now defunct) was published twice a week and it was important to people to read the Argus and listen to KUIK to know what was happening in the city and county.

Dig the "Two Old Farts" painted on the bottom of the barbarshop window! Bet a lot of great conversations are heard there...

Good, old Wally, one of our sales peeps at the big Portland station, secured ad contracts from LaHaie's for years in the 70's. It must have "worked" because our time (rates) were no doubt ten times more than good friend Don McCoun's rates on KUIK. Forty plus years later I don't recall rates like I used to know them. Entirely possible we were even higher than 10 times more.

It was long before McCoun that I worked in Hillsboro. The owner of KUIK, at the time, was a company called Sho-n-Tel. The principal was a guy named John Gillis who was also the station manager, sales manager, and morning DJ.

The card was pretty high at the time because KUIK had had good numbers before KWJJ switched to the C&W format in 1965 or '66. Prior to KWJJ, KUIK shared the Portland country music audience with KRDR and rated number two or three for adults in Portland Metro...behind KISN, of course.

When I worked at KUIK in '67 and '68, they still had country music hangers on and the steadfast listeners who still didn't consider Hillsboro to be part of Portland and listened to their local station. The slide to obscurity had begun though.

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