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April 30, 2021


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Two recent posts about the Tik Tok, Portland's first drive-in restaurant, brought back many memories.   It was opened in 1938 by Sherman Marriott and Horace Williams. It was open 24 hours a day from 1938 to 1957 when they sold the business to the Harris brothers, Vic and Ockie. These guys also owned the 3-Star on SW Barbur and were well known around town. My several month long bus boy "career" there was in the following Spring, 1958. This was my first real job - time cards, taxes withheld, etc etc.  The Tik Tok served customers for another 14 years before the neon was turned off for the last time in 1971.  So obviously I had no responsibility in it's closing.
For most of its 30 plus year history it was a popular spot with the olds and the youngs alike. It was a real landmark if for no reason other than 1000's of cars drove by the busy intersection every day.

Bill ... Had no idea the Harris boys owned it! Wow

YES, it's my understanding the Harris brothers owned the Tik Tok from 1957 until it closed in 1971.
I remember only two brothers - Vic and Ockie. One or both of them were on the Portland Boxing (and Wrestling) Commission.
But, was there a third brother? As in the 3-Star out on Barbur.

Between the lines, I got the feeling Mr Stump had some "stories" about the Harris Boys.
I was hoping he'd share!!

Another little bit of trivial info about the Tik Tok that I intended to include and then it slipped my mind.
When I was hired in 1958, my "boss" - the manager - was Bob Posedel. He of fame as MISTER Sylvia Posedel, to Sylvia Posedel of Sylvia's Italian Restaurant on NE Sandy Blvd. I always thought it was interesting they were both in the restaurant biz; but at two different places that really were VERY different.

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