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May 15, 2021


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This burger measures 3 feet high and 5 feet wide. They cook 2,000 lbs of raw ground meat on a grill in an oven made from a converted 20 foot shipping container, the grill is loaded into the oven with a forklift. Once cooked it goes between a 250 lb. bun and is topped with 300 lbs. of cheese, tomato, pickle, lettuce and onion, and is on the menu for $10,000. Do you want fries with that burger?

Wonder how many Stumpies this monstrosity would feed? For me, hold the American processed cheese food, double the onion.

Jann, there are cheeses better than the Velveeta type crap you speak of. Tillamook, for instance, produces some very nice cheddar and Swiss packaged as slices. I do prefer my burgers without the salad. I get them to enjoy the meat and don't want the lettuce and pickles to interfere with my enjoyment.

Tillamook is excellent cheese, the crap displayed on this burger, I dont care to insult cheese. No letuce for me, either, but I do like a lot of pickles. Put the stuff on the side, we can add as desired. And I also detest catsup, ketchup, whatever.

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