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May 07, 2021


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Does anyone know, was there anything (like offices) in the two spires or were they purely decorative?

The two tower on the Public Market / Oregon Journal Building were just landmarks, and were described in both daily newspaper when it opened in December 1933.

Oregonian (1933) The building will be lighted outside as well as inside, one of the spectacular features being the two 11 story towers that rise from the roof. They will be outlined in a newly developed type of neon light of high intensity, which has not been used in Portland. On three sides of each tower the word "Market" appears in letters 6' high. The towers will be made visible from all points by beams of giant floodlights placed on the top of each.

Oregon Journal after purchase (1946) First, mezzanine and second floors measure 615'x133' feet with two smaller top floors 326'x60' feet, topped by two 11 story towers that will be new illuminated "Journal Landmarks" of tomorrow. Perhaps helicopter may land and take off from the roof?

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