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May 04, 2021


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Back in the early days of Portland TV, KOIN had a Farm Oriented show weekday mornings. It gave me shudders even then and I'm not yet able to outlive the memory. This posting hasn't helped.

RFD 6 was the show. How did you feel about Rusty Nails, Allen?

Thats where I recall the name! Yuck! And dont be picking on Rusty, he was a very sweet, charming true Christian gentleman.

A lot of people are scared spitless by clowns.

He didnt live in makeup. He spoke a few times at the church I attended.

I'll tell you Jann, I didn't like Rusty Nails because one year he was the guest performer at my school carnival. He was doing a really lame magic trick and a kid down front shouted out how he did it, but I think most in attendance knew anyway.

Well, Nails growled at that poor kid in a not very nice way and I never liked him after that. I think most of Sunset Valley School couldn't stand him anymore. Plus, he played those stupid Stooge movies, which is another strike against him.

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