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May 09, 2021


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Cedar Hills Pharmacy in the Cedar Hills Shopping Center had a Walgreen's neon sign in its window.

Walgreens signed a 20 year lease for 4,000 sq. ft of space in the Corbett building and opened this store at 436 SW Morrison (5th & Morrison) on Saturday July 17, 1937. The store had a fountain that could serve 100 customers with 45 stools at the counter and the balance in booths. This was a single unit store and they were frequent advertisers in both daily newspapers until late November 1941 when all traces of Walgreens in Portland seem to vanish.

DG : Thanks for your info on pictures posted. This one was very interesting.

Oregonian February 4, 1942
The Fred Meyer company will establish its 10th and most elaborate drug store March 1 when the Walgreen Drug company vacates its quarters in the Corbett building at SW 5th & Morrison and Fred Meyer takes possession.

Mr. Meyer said extensive alterations will be launched March 1 and the public opening of the newest Portland unit is dated for April 15th.
The Fred Meyer drug department at SW 4th and Morrison will be closed and consolidated with the new store which is 30 percent larger.

When questioned about a new location for Walgreens in Portland local store manager C E Brannock indicated other locations had been considered but local conditions made a new store uncertain, and there is no indication they established another store in Portland for many years.

Interesting history. Thank you, Joel and DG!

Seems silly to blow up a perfectly good building just to build another building. But I guess it beats blowing up a whale. ;)

Always interesting, and educational to me.. Thanks, DG!

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