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May 05, 2021


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Melinda Gates apparently doesn't want the 66,000 square foot mansion, Xanadu 2.0. She bought a smaller Seattle home for $1.2MM about three weeks before the divorce was announced.

The mansion, valued at around $150 million, has just sseven bedrooms, but 24 bathrooms. It features an indoor stream (with fish) and beach with real sand imported from the Caribbean. There are six kitchens, a 2300 square foot reception hall, a 1500 sqaure foot theater, and a 2500 square foot gym with 20 foot ceiling to accomodate a trampoline.

To think, Melinda Gates doesn't want it.

I have never been able to fathom the point in having a home with 6,7,8 bedrooms, a dozen or so bathrooms, etc, etc, when its merely me, my spouse, and a couple of kids. One kitchen, maybe a kitchenette near outside, or a special family room, small theater, a gym, ok. The rest is showoff, ostentation. Horse crap.

Jann, a lot of those bathrooms are to accommodate social activities at the mansion. That 2300 square foot reception hall can handle a 150 person sit down dinner or a 200 person cocktail party. You might need a couple of extra bathrooms for those events.

Also, the house covers more than an acre. Who's going to want to trek from one corner of the house to another just o use the facilities?

There's also a private apartment where the Gates family lives inside of the mansion. I would imagine it has at least three bedrooms, each with a bath. There are also men's and women's facilities associated with the gym and the pool.

So, while 24 baths may seem extravagant, maybe not.

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